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Standard range ML-100

This range consists of:
Low unit

  • Wall unit
  • Shelving
  • coming soon…

    All units are: 475mm high and 500mm wide

    Lengths available are: 1500mm – 2400mm (in multiples of 100mm i.e. 1500, 1600, 1700….2400)

    :: Size

    Plinth – recessed under the body of the unit and enhances the cabinet’s ‘presence’ by imparting a sense of ‘floating/separateness’

    :: Base

    There are two options available:

    • Touch to Open – a spring loaded mechanism fitted inside the cabinet which removes the need for a visible handle and gives the front of the unit its clean, uncluttered appearance. For use with – doors, drawers and flaps
    • Recessed – a discrete routed cut-out on the top edge of the doors and drawers. It provides a pleasing ‘detail’ and obviates the need for protruding handles. For use with – doors and drawers

    :: Door opening

    There are two options offered for the construction:

    • Top, sides, doors (or drawer fronts) – American Oak NTV (Natural timber veneer)
    • Top and sides – American Oak NTV (Natural timber veneer) with doors (or drawer fronts) – 2 pot lacquer

    In turn, each of these options is available with a range of finishes:

    • American Oak NTV – has four stain options: Natural, Blonded, Dark Oak or Charcoal * (See below for sample image. Note actual cabinet may vary from the sample due to the inevitable variation which can occur when staining a natural timber product). All of these come with a clear satin sealer coat.

    (* other stains are available on request – an $80.00 fee per cabinet applies)

    • 2 pot lacquer – is available in white (as standard) but can also be supplied with any colour from the current Resene range (an $80.00 fee per cabinet applies for non-standard colours). All colours are available with either a ‘Satin’ (30% gloss) or ‘Gloss’ (off the gun) finish

    :: Exterior Construction and

    The cabinet carcass, including back and shelves, is constructed from melamine board which has a tough, scratch resistant and easy to clean surface.

    :: Interior Construction

    All the hardware used in the units, which includes drawer runners, hinges, flap stays and touch to open catches, is of premium quality from Europe’s most reputable manufacturers.

    :: Hardware

    All units in the ML-100 range of low cabinets are constructed with 3 sections. This allows for a wide range of storage configurations (internal) and appearances (external).

    For the full range of configurations (see below)

    Externally there is the choice of: Doors, Drawers, ½ Glass Drawers, Flaps, ½ Flaps or Open Shelf.

    Internally there is the choice of: drawers or shelves

    When making your choice, you may wish to consider:

    • What things do you wish to store?
    • Do you have a DVD player, a Sky decoder, a Video player?
    • Do you need ‘line of sight’ access to your DVD player etc for the remote? (this will require an Open Shelf, Flap, ½ Flap or ½ Glass Drawer)
    • Do you need the enhanced accessability that a drawer will give or is the static storage of a shelf appropriate?
    • What ‘look’ do you want for your unit? – an open shelf or a ½ glass drawer do give a different appearance to doors / drawers

    While there is very considerable ability to vary the configuration of the ML-100 units, please note that the following restrictions apply:

    • The unit always has 3 sections
    • Doors and Flaps are available to a maximum width of 600mm
    • Drawers, ½ Flaps and Open Shelf are available to a maximum width of 1200mm

    :: Configuration

    Delivery within Auckland between Albany and Takanini (excluding Waiheke and the other Gulf islands) is $80.00 plus GST. For deliveries outside this rea, a quotation will be provided.

    Delivery is made by a specialist furniture courier service that guarantees our furniture will arrive in perfect condition and at the time arranged (or, in the event of unavoidable delay, you will be informed promptly).

    :: Delivery