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ENGINEERED STONE Care & Maintenance

6 December, 2011  

Engineered Stone products are easy to care for as their composition makes them resistant to acid, alkaline, chemicals and solvents. They are also highly resistant to heat, scratches, chips, stains, mildew and mould, and immune to freezing and thawing. Their gloss finish and extremely low moisture absorption eliminate the need for sealing, while their low absorbency greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth.

Stain removal and care instructions

Stains caused by fruit juices, liquid food colouring, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, wine, grapes, paints, automotive fluids, or permanent markers should be immediately wiped off with a multi-purpose cleaner or detergent, then rinsed with water.

Food, chewing gum, nail polish or paint stuck to the surface can be scraped off with a sharp blade. Any residual metal marks can be easily removed with a scratch free scouring pad, before washing and rinsing with water.


Constant exposure to strong chemicals and solvents can permanently damage Engineered Stone surfaces. Avoid contact with paint stripper, hydrofluoric acid, and any products containing trichlorethane or methylene dichloride.

Engineered Stone Solid Surface is structurally more heat resistant than other natural stones. However, sudden temperature changes can damage the surface. Always place a heat pad or trivet beneath cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock pots, or roaster ovens.