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22 July, 2013  

Sunday 18th August – start 11.00 – Kitchen Things store, 60 Constellation Drive, Mairangi Bay

Tuesday 10th September – start 11.00 – Kitchen Things store, 25 Kent Street, Newmarket


30 years of designing and custom building fine kitchens has taught Marton Lee an awful lot about what works and what doesn’t, about the things that really make a lasting difference…..

You will learn:

  • The 3 key components of any good design – overlook one and you are going to be disappointed
  • Which hardware solutions not only look good but really do work (and will deliver meaningful value)
  • What is the difference between: Timber Veneer, Low Pressure Laminate (Melamine / melteca), Thermo-wrap and Lacquer and which one will work for your budget / needs
  • How Engineered stones (Caesar stone, Risotto etc) and Natural stones (like granite and marble) compare … and what about Stainless Steel and High Pressure Laminate (like Formica)
  • Why you really should care what the cabinet carcass is made out of
  • Why one ‘custom built kitchen’ can be very different from another – 5 simple questions to ask so you can be sure about what you are getting
  • What terms like: waterfall ends, 2 pot lacquer, toe-kick etc actually mean
  • What is the latest kitchen technology for drawers, flaps etc and how it could help you to get the kitchen you’ve dreamed about

Plus a few other goodies… heard about the latest Formica that really does look like stone? The new ranges of Low Pressure Laminates that have a textured surface?

Seminar packs will include Marton Lee’s comprehensive 40 page guide to all the best kitchen products plus a synopsis of the seminar. Marton Lee’s kitchen experts will also be available to answer your queries after the presentation.

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