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Marton Lee was established in the early 1980′s and has since acquired a reputation for making quality, customized cabinetry for all rooms in the home.

The company’s manufacturing operation and showroom are based in Glenfield on the North Shore. Clients are welcome to view their cabinetry as it goes through the various stages of manufacture. They can also talk directly with the qualified cabinet makers who build all Marton Lee’s cabinetry and see the finishing shop where all the company’s pieces are painted and polished.


Marton Lee is passionate about all aspects of furniture and cabinetry making: from the initial design right through to the finishing details; including the installation.

Priority is given to understanding the clients’ needs. First and foremost this means listening carefully, which, coupled with our broad knowledge and technical skills, ensures successful outcomes.


The company has a record of delighting its clients which is why so many of them come back again and again.



Marton Lee prides itself on the quality of its cabinetry. The company believes that its clients deserve to buy 'cabinetry that will last a lifetime’.

The quality is founded upon: first rate materials, genuine craftsmanship and complete control of the process. Marton Lee employs qualified and experienced cabinetmakers and takes care of the whole process of making and finishing in-house.

Marton Lee was one of the first cabinet makers in New Zealand to be deemed eligible for FITEC’s (Forest Industry Training Council) Furniture Master Seal – Cabinet Maker.


The furniture Master Seal provides assurance to the public that the furniture and cabinetry purchased from a Master Seal Holder is NZ made and that it is made by tradesmen with relevant, formal industry qualifications.


Master Seal is all about quality through training – companies that have well trained staff produce well made, good quality furniture and cabinetry. This is at the heart of Marton Lee’s commitment to quality and is tangible evidence of this.



Marton Lee understand that a vital part in the process of choosing a kitchen manufacturer and the style and design of kitchen (and other cabinetry) is being able to view some actual examples - the 'touch and feel' approach.

The company has always made a major commitment to showcasing its capabilities and has recently completely refreshed the showroom space. This now features two brand new kitchens: a 'Hampton's inspired' masterpiece which incorporates all the most loved features of this classic style and a contemporary design with a distinctly 'Industrial Chic' aesthetic that features details such as black steel and rusticated veneers.

There is also an extensive 'library' of samples and brochures covering: handles, bench-top materials (Engineered stones, Natural Stones, Corian, Porcelain, and Stainless steel), cabinetry materials (Veneers, Melamines, Acrylics and Lacquered MDF), sinks, lighting and kitchen hardware.

The showroom is available by appointment only from 9:00am to 5:00pm - Monday to Friday

Click here to view our Showroom Kitchens

Do come and see us at 5 Cherry Lane, Glenfield (see map)

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