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Marton Lee builds cabinetry and built-in furniture for all rooms in the house and we are often involved with supplying a whole house-lot of cabinetry.

The advantages are obvious where one company takes care of all the cabinetry needs (Not just the kitchen while someone else looks after the bathrooms and someone else looks after... the rest)

  • One party responsible

  • Uniform quality of build

  • Where desired, a theme/style carried throughout the home

  • Better and easier co-ordination with the builder on site to ensure hassle free installation

  • Potential cost savings arising from supplying multiples (e.g. multiple bench-tops of the same material)

We are of course, equally happy to build cabinetry for a single room - be it laundry, bathroom, living, library, pool-room, garage, study, children's or any other.

We can build based on drawings from your Architect or Interior Designer or we can provide our own design service. We can also build based on your own 'design' but bear in mind that there will almost certainly be additional time required to translate your 'design' into something that can be built and there will be a cost associated with this.

The galleries below give an idea of the range of cabinetry and furniture that Marton Lee have built and may provide you with ideas for your own requirement (though you are certainly not limited to these designs)

With the emphasis on 'wellness' and the idea of 'sanctuary' there has been a growing call for unique, quality bathroom cabinetry. Marton Lee make vanities, mirror cabinets and other storage units that combine functionality and design flair which can either discreetly compliment or be the centre-piece.


Display cabinets, wall units, shelving, entertainment cabinets (TV and multimedia) and occasional tables (coffee and side tables) are among the range of cabinetry Marton Lee make for living and family spaces.

Desks, bookcases, hall tables and display units are among the range of pieces that Marton Lee have built - each in their own style, configuration and size.

With an increasing number of people wanting to work part-time or full-time from home, the demand for fucntional yet stylish furniture has grown. Marton Lee has responded to this by building furniture and cabinetry that is practical and yet also fits comfortable into a residential environment.

Historically the 'washhouse' was all about basic function but now is very much seen as a room that should maintain the style and feel of the rest of the house whilst remaining practical to use and to clean.

Walk in wardrobes (as well as  the traditional alcove style) are an important part of many new home / renovation projects. Marton Lee understand that they are an important adjunct to the master suite which require imaginative design together with a complimentary finish and style.

Bed heads, bedside tables and dressing tables are other bespoke furniture options.

Marton Lee make bunks, storage units, tables, desks and shelving specifically designed for kid's rooms.

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