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We believe that giving you a clear understanding of the process is vital to ensure that your project runs smoothly and is headache-free. We want you to know exactly what to expect in terms of timeframes, processes and responsibilities.

Initial contact

After receiving your contact, we will arrange a preliminary consultation (approx. 1 hour).

This is free of charge and carries no obligation on your part. This is usually done in our showroom.

We use this to 'scope' your project, introduce material / hardware options, explain our processes,

let you see the quality of our workmanship and to agree on the next step.

This is, of course an ideal opportunity for you to evaluate us and decide if you want to proceed further.

  1. If you would like us to undertake the design of your kitchen, one of our associated designers will work with you to develop a fully resolved design that works both functionally and aesthetically (this includes drawings detailing the floor plan, and dimensioned elevations. The cost for this will depend on the time involved which will in turn depend on the brief (the extent of the project, the number of options that are considered etc). The hourly rate will typically be in the range of $125-150 per hour.

  2. If you have a fully resolved design from a professional practitioner, we will provide a quotation based on this (at no charge). If you wish to consider other options related to the details of the design and our design input is required, there will be a cost: this is charged at $100/hour +GST. 


We are happy to work with your kitchen design (from your architect or interior designer) or to develop a kitchen design for you. The process and associated costs will differ depending on which route you take.



  • All manufacturing takes place at our Glenfield premises. This includes any finishing (painting, staining, clear coating) required which is done in our own on-site paint-shop.

  • You are welcome to view your assembled kitchen cabinetry prior to it being put into the paint-shop.


  • Delivery to site is by a specialist furniture/cabinetry delivery company arranged by Marton Lee.

Installation of Cabinetry

  • Cabinetry installation is by our own specialist installers (either staff or sub-contractors). It will typically take 2-4 days plus possible later visit/s to fit the toe-kicks and any other cabinetry that cannot be fitted until after other trades (e.g. floorers, plumbers) have completed their work.

  • Installation includes placing the appliances into position - actual installation/connection is done by the plumber, electrician or speciallist installer (e.g. range hood) and this is organized by you/your builder.

Installation of Benchtop & Splashback

  • Following cabinetry installation, the Benchtop is templated then is fabricated and installed (you or your builder can arrange for Final fix plumbing of the sink at this point).

  • Following the benchtop install, the splash-back can be measured (if stone, glass or 'panel') or tiling can be done (if this is the splash-back).


Week 1:

Site measure (ideally this is done after the walls are lined, the ceiling fitted and the floor down but can be done earlier subject to agreement with the builder - though NEVER before walls are framed and ceiling / floor is defined)

Weeks 2-3:
'Shop drawings' are produced, reviewed by client and 'specifier' (builder/architect/interior designer) and any amendments required made. Followed by final 'sign-off' at which point the 'shop drawings' supersede any other drawings/specifications and are the sole document upon which manufacture is based.

Any appliances requested (typically dish-washer, hob, and any integrated items) will need to be delivered to Marton Lee premises.

Week 4:

Manufacture begins.

Week 8:

Manufacture and finishing (painting) are complete.

Week 9:
Install of cabinetry and template of bench-tops is done.

Week 11:

Bench-tops installed / splash-back template is done.

Week 13:

Splash-back installed / job completed.


Timeframes can vary depending on circumstances (availability of sub-contractors etc)

You / your builder will be kept informed through-out the process regarding timeframes and notified of any changes.


  1. Design fee (if applicable) initial deposit ($750) plus final fee ($950) only payable in event kitchen is not made by Marton Lee.

  2. Deposit invoice (50% of job value) payable on acceptance of quote and agreement to proceed.

  3. Factory completion invoice (40% of job value) payable immediately after factory inspection of completed cabinetry.

  4. Final/completion invoice (10% of job value) payable promptly after installation is completed.

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